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Hume Studies Editors
through Volume 41, Number 2
Angela Coventry   Portland State University
P J E Kail   University of Oxford
beginning Volume 42, Number 1
Ann Levey   University of Calgary
Karl Schafer   University of California, Irvine
Amy M. Schmitter   University of Alberta
Book Review Editor
Annemarie Butler   Iowa State University
Editorial Board
Donald L. Baxter (2018)   University of Connecticut
Helen Beebee (2022)   University of Birmingham
Rachel Cohon (2018)   State University of New York, Albany
Don Garrett (2022)   New York University
James Harris (2022)   University of St Andrews
Margaret Schabas (2021)

University of British Columbia
Lisa Shapiro(2022)
Simon Fraser University
Mark G. Spencer (2021)
Brock University
Ryu Susato (2021)   Kansai University
John P. Wright (2021)   Central Michigan University